We are a team of highly experienced professionals with a high vocation and a common interest: looking after your animal’s health and well being.
Lead by Quim Gomis Giralt, nowadays the Dr. Gomis Veterinary Clinic has a team of 5 Vets and 2 Vets’ Assistants, in Roses and Empuriabrava, with different specialties such as general surgery, trauma surgery, exotic animals and behavior.
The health and well being of your pets is our main commitment.




Your domesticated animal needs vaccines against rabies, distemper and other common diseases. It is also important to keep your pet safe from parasites such as fleas and tapeworms. To decrease the number of unwanted pets, consider sterilizing your animal. To the cats and the dogs it is of fulfillment to insert a microchip of identification, of this form you can find your pet more quickly.

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